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A Mind-Body Approach to Wellness

Welcome! We are a team of somatic trauma therapists specializing in EMDR Therapy, Play Therapy, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, and Assisted Psychotherapy in Boulder, CO. We work with preteens, teens, and adults seeking relief from anxiety, depression, grief, disordered eating, chronic illness, and other impacts of trauma and stress on the nervous system.

Through combining our areas of expertise for a unique mind-body approach we will help you to transform your relationship to your pain, your body, your story - and ultimately, yourself. We draw from the latest in somatic therapy, neuroscience, attachment psychology, trauma work, and assisted psychotherapy research to help you find transformation from within.

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Meet our providers

Jen Taylor, MA LPCC

Kirby Soltis, MA LPC



Parents, Teens & Children

Through effective psychotherapy and play therapy methods, we help children navigate issues related to anxiety, divorce, trauma, behavioral issues, separation anxiety, outbursts and aggression. 

Play therapy helps children process and name emotions, learn to regulate behaviors, improves social skills, and gives children the skills to navigate through big feelings.  

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We offer a number of modalities to work with individuals seeking relief from depression, anxiety, trauma and other impacts on the nervous system. 

We are trained in a variety of therapeutic interventions, working to connect the mind and body for a holistic approach. We will work together to find the modality that is right for you. 

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